Howzat Relocations
Axelsestraat 49
4543 CD Zaamslag

Howzat is a leading relocation company in the South West part of the Netherlands. Since 1990 located in the Rijn- Maas- Schelde Delta near the Seaports of Terneuzen, Vlissingen, Rotterdam, Ghent and Antwerp we support employers and their expats throughout the Netherlands and the northern parts of Belgium. We take pride in our know-how and experience, but also in giving personal attention and excellent service. Throughout the years Howzat has developed an extensive network. That’s why we can offer the best possible support to help solve many queries, complicated or small. Our fields of expertise vary from document assistance such as workpermit application and visa to arranging suitable housing turn key, furnished or unfurnished. We are the beacon to expats on the move and truly enjoy guiding and helping newcomers find their way in a new environment - be it in Zeeland or beyond our beautiful region. A Warm Welcome Says it All !